Examples of Chakra Profiles showing serious imbalance

Try to 'read' these examples before reading the exposé.
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Anne D. Strongly leans towards the spiritual - to such an extreme that she neglects the basics, her survival needs. As a result she is constantly short of money, which worries her a lot, and forces her to focus on making it. Coaching made her pay more attention to the need to provide for herself, and accept that even for high-minded ladies like her there is no manna from heaven. As a result she is now working part-time in a job she describes as 'only moderately rewarding but fortunately well paying', and more truly spiritual than before. Heinrich M. Materially secure, healthy man, highly intelligent, and a gifted communicator. Grew up in a household where spiritual matters were given weight, and knows what to answer on the survey to make his Crown Chakra come out in full bloom. Unfortunately he used to be emotionally cold, even manipulative, and relied on his willpower to force his will upon others - anything to achieve the results he wanted. As a result Heinrich felt very lonely, having great difficulties building friendships and mature relationships with women. Coaching alerted him to his clenched up Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus chakra, and helped him release more positive energy on these levels, and break out of his loneliness. Robert C. Successful businessman who at age fifty started to feel that he was missing something in life. The common question that often arises at maturity: 'What else is there?' It turned out that Robert was mostly focused on making more money than he already had, using his considerable social gifts, occasional deception, and strong willpower. Because on a material level this worked for him, for most of his adult life he paid no attention to the callings of his hearts, nor of his higher faculties. Coaching made him a more complete man, who is now happier than before and more truly succesful.

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