'Tuning your seven levels of vital energy'


The Chakras as a basis for coaching

Peter ten Hoopen studying sitar in Maihar, India

Studying Sitar with Ustad Allauddin Khan, Maihar, 1971

Why did I choose the Chakra System?

There are many approaches to coaching, many different schools and techniques, and which one works best for you really depends on your personal preferences and previous experiences. Looking at it from the coach's perspective, there are also many avenues, and you have to pick the one that suits you best. I have benefited from classical coaching training at one of Europe's better management training institutes to work as an executive coach, but soon discovered that to become the effective coach I wanted to be I needed to return to my roots - which lay in India. I travelled to India as a young man to study sitar, yoga, and philosophy. It was there that I first learned about the chakra system: the seven invisible and intangible energy centres that Indians have identified thousands of years ago, and have worked with effectively.

Chakra Test provided practical insights

In 2005 I developed the web-based Chakra Test with its unique feedback system, which quickly gained recognition by serious enquirers (and by Google, who usually places it first in searches for 'chakra test'). It was originally intended as a companion for my book The Enlightened Leader, which introduces the
Chakra Test screenshot
Chakra Test, used by thousands the world over
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chakra system as a way to developed leadership skills, but I quickly discovered that it was used by much wider public, often in the context of coaching, with participants coming from all corners of the earth. By now the Chakra Test has been completed by more than ten thousand users.
     I have learned immensely from studying participants' individual inputs, and from the many who wrote to me about their results. There are several other chakra tests on the web, but unfortunately most are very superficial. (In many cases their main purpose is to sell advertising.) To be truly meaningful, a chakra test needs to be fine grained, based on a large number of questions. I use no less than 70 statements that you need to respond to, assuring an elevated level of detail. It takes more time to take the survey, but the result is more reliable.
      Results are represented in real-time graphics with concentric rings that show you not only how strongly your different chakras are developed, but also and to which degree they are developed positivelyy or negatively. This is a very important distinction. It does not tell you an awful lot to hear that your Solar Plexus Chakra is strongly active, if you are not also told how much of its use is positive or negative.
      I always ask clients to do the Chakra Test before our first meeting or call, so that we have some clear starting points for the conversation. It is important to stress that the test does not pretend to be more than this: a tool to get you to think and talk about your energy use, and that just participating in the test and studying your results is no substitute for coaching sessions.

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