Sahasrara Chakra - Crown Chakra

Commentary: The Crown Chakra is depicted as a thousand-petaled lotus unfolding above the crown of the head. The name is derived from the Sanskrit word sahasra, 'thousand'. This is the chakra of thinking and wisdom, and of universal consciousness. It forms our connection with the entire universe, the timeless All. It will be experienced more strongly by monists, people who feel that everything is one, than by those whose experience of the world is marked by individualism (pronounced separation of self and not-self) and dichotomy, the perception of collections of opposites. When in full bloom this chakra brings wisdom, connectedness on a spiritual level and a blissfull sense of peace. It is like a satellite dish with which we receive the cosmic forces, and through which, at the same time, we radiate our inner riches, in all its thousands of facets, out into the world.

Personal aspects: This is the chakra of universality and cosmic consciousness. When we focus almost exclusively on our individuality - an attitude traditionally encouraged in Western culture - this chakra tends to close, all thousand leaves curling inward, effectively shutting us off from higher impulses. As a result, many people have little or no sense of universal connectedness - one more reason why books this as this are useful. The Crown Chakra can open up and blossom again when a more universal self-transcending consciousness develops, and will then do so by itself. Negative development: An exaggerated focus on the Crown Chakra may cause short term bliss, but can lead to 'addiction' to spirirtuality and neglect of the levels governed by the other chakras. The most common neglect in such cases in the most primal energy centre, the Root Chakra, looked down on because of its supposed lowly attachment to the earth and the material. This in turn leads to neglect of the body, often resulting in physical degeneration (recurring bouts of ailment, early effects of aging, general weakness) and/or loss of hygiene, descent into sloth (because the material world does not matter), and a slide into financial collapse - which then, oh bitter irony, results in a forced focus on the domain governed by the Root Chakra to ensure survival. This scenario may seem exotic, but, alas, is far from rare. Cunning sect leaders who exploit the sweet enticements of an exclusive focus on spirituality, usually take care that their disciples transfer the bulk of their assets to them before the predictable financial collapse sets in.

Corporate aspects: In corporate leaders, a properly functioning Crown Chakra manifests itself in a conscious effort to ensure that the life energy they spend for the benefit of the organisation also benefits the wide community - in this global age de facto the world at large - all stakeholders, near and far. Negative development: An exaggerated focus on the Crown Chakra can lead to neglect of the bottom-line. Universal consciousness is beautiful, but only a few rare individuals manage to integrate it in an effective leadership style. At this time, the majority of those few who seems to excell at this, are working in the 'spirituality industry' - a fast growing segment of commercial life - but in the last few years, we witness in the corporate world, particularly in the highest echelons, a sharply increasing interest in a more universal conceptual framework. It is safe to predict that in a few years from now, such an interest will be a primary requirement for positions of true impact on society. Summing up: in the corporate world, a noble attitude can still be a handicap, but it is no longer punished, and within ten years universal consciousness will be a functional requirement.

Challenge (dilemma to be reconciled): To give spirituality its proper place in life: not dominant and not subordinate, but all pervasive, like the life force itself, which we are not constantly aware of, but which is with us as long as we live.