Muladhara Chakra - Root Chakra

Commentary: The Root Chakra is located in the perineum, the saddle between anus and genitalia, and in many respects is the root of all development. It is the centre of our connectednes with the earth, and with our survival on it. For proper understanding: imagine that you are a cave dweller. Next try to imagine what would most occupy your mind. That, and everything derived from it, belongs to the realm of the Root Chakra. The central themes at this level are survival, safety, security. In its primary form of care for physical safety (the survival instinct), as manifested for instance in a preference for cars that score well in crash tests, and in secondary forms such as financial planning for old age. A properly functioning Root Chakra makes a well grounded individual, strengthens the capacity to live in the here and now, and gives a lively expression full of dynamism. The image is that of a man or woman standing with both feet on the ground, healthy and full of confidence, arms loaded with the earth's bounty.

Personal aspects: This is the chakra of survival - comprising care for physical integrity, food, clothing, shelter and procreation. Important themes are independence, stability, grounding. Other aspects are levelheadedness, common sense, energy, assertivity, ambition, material gain. Negative development: Attachment or even addiction to material wealth, elevated position, sensual pleasures, lust for power, usurpation of power, exploitation.

Corporate aspects: This is the chakra of corporate survival - which may also be interpretated in the personal sense of survival in your professional career. Central themes seen with positive development are financial health, profit, shareholder value. Other themes of importance are fundamental matters like employee health and safety. Leaders with a strongly present Root Chakra never loose sight of the bottom-line. This is their strength, and potentially their limitation. Negative development: Totalitarian management style, exploitation, 'profit at any price', share price inflation, inhumanity, criminality.

Challenge (dilemma to be reconciled): To transcend the material, without loosing your roots in it.