'Tuning your seven levels of vital energy'

Chakra Coaching: bringing your inner energy into harmony

An ancient coaching method based on insight into your chakra energy

Chakra Coaching is a modern coaching method based on the ancient Indian chakra system. The aim is to restore your natural energy levels, by bringing them into harmony. As a result you will feel more energized, more joyful, and richer - all because you make better use of your talents.

Pieter Weltevrede, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 License

Revitalize yourself

We are all born full of vital energy: the energy we are given at birth to survive, establish ourselves, and pass on our genes. For most of us, none of these are easy. It is normal for life to be a challenge. But if we use our given talents properly, much of the energy that we expend is returned to us, revitalizes us and raises our spirits.
      We all know the effect of having performed something that we can be proud of, and feeling energized and joyful as a result.
      Likewise, many of us also know the feeling of having abused our talents or our time, doing things that leave us cold or that we can only be ashamed of: we feel exhausted, not up to the next tasks. These are the basics of what I call your Energy Economy, the systemic way that you expend and receive energy.

How to achieve lasting change

Usually a person's pattern of behaviour is well established, and keeps being repeated, over and over. It has become a system. And like all systems it wants to perpetuate itself. It does not like change. In fact it often actively resists attempt to change.
      That makes it hard to alter a way of living that does not suit you. Even if you have found that it is not working for you, and are convinced of the need for change, actually making this change is not easy. This is where coaching comes in. A good coach will understand your inner workings, and be able to help you overcome the inner resistance to change.
     I will not tell you what to do, just help you to discover for yourself which aspects of your life need adjusting. Change brought by someone else does not last. Change that comes from your owns insights will last a life time.


Is Chakra Coaching for you?

That depends on how you feel. Do you often feel low on energy? Listless, exhausted? Or do you feel that you frequently do things you would rather not do?
      If it makes you feel any better: you are not alone. Many people go through life unhappy, feeling drained, unappreciated, and tired by the constant demands of a life that does not really suit them. Usually this is the result of a wrong, unbalanced, way to use their vital energy.
      The good news is: Chakra Coaching can really help. As soon as you start making better use of your vital energy, your outlook brightens, you become more effective and successful. As a result you are likely to lead a more fulfilling life. Richer, both spiritually and materially.

Personal coaching by Peter ten Hoopen,

author of the world's premier Chakra Test

Peter ten Hoopen, personal coach
Peter ten Hoopen
author, personal coach

I received my coaching education at management training centre De Baak in the Netherlands, which I was serving as an adviser in the early 2000s. Soon after I developed my own coaching method based on the chakras, described in my book The Enlightened Leader, which is used in many training and coaching programs.
     My approach is directed at the acquisition of self-knowledge and self-realisation, and harmonisation of vital energy. The symbolic language is based on the Chakra System of Yoga philosophy. I was introduced to it as a young man when I travelled and studied in India, and over time found it to be uniquely effective for dealing with inner energy.
     The intake for the coaching sessions is supported by the Chakra Test that I developed as an adjunct to the book, and which has already been used by thousands world-wide. My coaching style is reticent, giving you space to discover yourself with only subtle direction, but I can be confrontational where necessary. Face-to-face coaching sessions typically include nature walks. While I accept the occasional single session, my aim is to develop a longer term relationship, ideally lasting several months. While change can, and sometimes does come overnight, it is usually a somewhat longer process that requires commitment from both coach and client.

How to arrange a coaching session

While some clients come and visit me in the beautiful Southern Portuguese countryside, most work with me over phone, Skype and email. This saves time, costs less money, and can be amazingly effective. If you want to set up an appointment, either for a face-to-face session or for a Skype call, please enter your details on the Contact Page.